About Woody

 We were referred to Raney Ranch to buy a lab because of their reputation for high quality excellent pedigreed  American Standard Sporting Labs. Although we were looking for a yellow male, after meeting all three or their studs including Rio and Gator, both Master National dogs, my wife Karen liked Chester their chocolate male the best. Chester has such a friendly demeanor and Gracie is such a sweetheart that we decided to get a chocolate male instead from Chester and Gracie. Meeting the parents is important when picking a pup.

We took Woody home at 8 weeks and  loved him from the start. The potty training and house manners went real quick and overall he was a fun happy puppy. When I started basic obedience training at 4 months, I noticed he was picking up the sit, stay, remote sit / stay and heel commands really fast. Quite a bit faster than other labs I had trained.

In 2011 at 6 months I started field training and he progressed quickly. He spent 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks in August of 2011 training with Steve Raney. When we picked Woody up at the end of August 2011, Steve said, " you need to leave that dog with me " Woody went hunting that fall and did well for a rookie. After several visits to Raney Ranch and getting to know Steve and Carrie Raney over the winter, we decided to leave Woody with Steve for advanced training  to see how good he could be. At this point Woody was very strong with his obedience, steady to shot, could run basic blinds, and do basic hand casting. 

He advanced very fast that spring and summer of 2012 with Steve running him. It was amazing what Steve could get Woody to accomplish in only a few months. He was high energy, and very fast at this point with an incredible desire.  Quite honestly a bit of a handful for an amateur like me.


Woody got his Junior Hunt title in July of 2012 on 4 strait passes. He passed the Senior Hunter test in early October of 2012 with 4 of 5 passes acquiring his Senior Hunt title. At the end of October Woody accompanied me on a road trip from San Diego to North Dakota for his second year pheasant hunting. He did great. He was very birdie, flushed well, and picked up several blind retrieves in heavy cover. Being able to hand cast him into heavy cover off of a sit whistle got many birds up.

I returned Woody to Steve in January of 2013 to start running masters. He passed a few tests and dropped a few which is to be expected at the master level with triple and even quad marks, multiple blinds, diversions, bulldogs, and all the difficult challenges judges will throw at the dogs makes these tests very  hard to pass especially for a 2 year old.

At the end of the day, Woody earned his Master Title ( 5 passes ) on June 6th 2013. He followed that up with one more pass. Having 6 passes in one calendar year qualified him for  the Master Nationals. 



Juhnke's Sir Woodrow

AKC Registered Labrador Retriever

Master Hunter - 6/2/2013


Senior Hunter - 10/7/2012


Junior Hunter - 7/21/2012


American Kennel Club Registration Certificate Information

NAME: Juhnke's Sir Woodrow MH

AKC # SR63122701

BREED: Retriever (Labrador)                
SEX: Male           DOB: 6/2/2010       COLOR: Chocolate

Woody is EIC clear. 

OFA is Good — The Hip joint confirmation was evaluated as good. 
​OFA #LR-203470G34M-VPI 

SIRE: Kirby's Winchester MH

DAM: Gracie A Chocolate Star SH

BREEDER:  Steve & Carrie Raney

OWNER: Brian & Karen Juhnke

Breeding Services

Breeding Services handled through Raney Ranch.

Raney Ranch Contact information:
26352 Eagle Gap, San Diego (Santa Ysabel), California 92070

(760) 782-0484

Steve Raney Trainer